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Henan Orthodox Xingyi Quan, by Pei Xi Rong and Li Ying'ang
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(Plastic binder, 86 pp.) Joseph Crandall's translation of Pei Xi Rong and Li Yang'ang's classic work on Liu He Xinyi Quan.

This is the most authoritative work on Henan Xingyi Quan available. Pei's own teacher the prominent, Lu Song'gao's Preface kicks off the work with some sound words of advice of his own (penned in March, 1949).

First, the book outlines nearly 20 Necessary Songs, which form the basis of the principles of Liu He Quan. These insights are applicable to all martial arts. Next the 10 Animals of the system are presented in vivid detail, and the near original line drawings with the outline of steps support a concise, complete overview. The book rounds out with Single Siezes Forms, the Ten Animals Combined form, and finally the powerful Four Siezes forms.

While some practitioners of the Hebei Style of Xingyi (or 5 Elements, 12 Animals Style) are critical of the external aspects of the Liu He (or 10 Animals Style), this book will totally shatter such preconceptions. Instead, this work provides great insight into merging detailed aspects of the body, mind, and spirit in martial arts (internal and external) the likes that most modern day martial arts books have yet to approach despite the length or fanciful words. This is a great book for practitioners looking for authentic, detailed information on the finer points of the "nuts and bolts" of not only the art of Xingyiquan (regardless of style), but Nei Jia Kung Fu overall.

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