About Classes with Gerald A. Sharp:

Classes are typically taught privately and semi-privately. The instructor can give more attention and concise feedback to the student(s). The students can personalize and optimize their learning and their observation of the teacher. Currently seminars are the only place where group instruction is being offered by the instructor. The instructor, Gerald Sharp, learned nearly all of his forms, the healing and self-defense applications of those forms, and the advanced forms in China with instructors in private settings. In China, this is often referred to as an "indoor student." An indoor student is thought to be a more serious student who develops a closer relationship to the art and the teacher, than an outdoor student who often learns in a park or an institute type setting.

Each situation is different. Each person's ability, experience and skill as well as their goals, attitude and prospects for progress must all be taken into consideration. Please enquire by e-mail or phone for specific information about private classes. Expenses, such as travel, must also be considered. Depending on the situation, frequency of classes and other particulars, a financially suitable situation can be discussed and hopefully agreed upon to please all parties involved.

Seminars vary and are arranged with the sponsor. Email for more details and how you can train with Gerald A. Sharp or a qualified instructor that can often be recommended in your area.

E-mail Gerald Sharp at or by phone at 1-818-CHIFLOW


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