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Baguazhang, the Mother Palms


The Pre-Heaven Bagua with Palms
Baguazhang's "Wind Palm"

Bagua’s Wind Palm is characterized as a "splitting palm" (pi zhang) in which the fingertips point forward and the edge of the palm faces downwards as if chopping. It is used primarily to perform a straight split, but it can also be used to press. Pressing with the force of gravity onto joints or pressure points can be quite disturbing to an opponent’s flow of chi and balance. In this particular application, the Wind Palm is used to follow a strike to the abdomen with a splitting motion that presses down onto the opponent’s Supraclavicular Fossa. As such, their center of gravity can be compromised, and a spinal crank used to finish. The pre-heaven symbol with palms is from the book, Pa-Kua Chang Illustrated, by Lee Ying-arng and Yen Te-Hwa. I chose this particular illustration to represent the "Wind Palm" because it is as if all the palms can be trained to move with a "wind like" quality and on a continuum from calm to seemingly gale force. Interestingly, Plato associated the Greek element of air to wind and geometrically to an "octahedron," a polyhedron with eight equilateral triangles (which he identified as atoms).The Wind Palm marks the beginning of "Early Summer".and the midpoint between Spring and Summer. The internal arts of Taiji, Xingyi, and Bagua help promote balance, circulation, and flexibility. The Mother Palms are a simple practice that serve as a gateway to the classically circular martial art of Baguazhang.

Bagua Power Train

Explore T'ai Chi (Taiji), Chi Kung (Qigong), and Ma Yueh Liang and Wu Ying Hua

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Bagua Power Duo! Our Bagua Power Training Duo Video Series combines 2 Complete Video Series in One: Bagua’s Power Training (Standing Meditation, Bagua Gong, Internal and External Strength and Flexibility Training, and the rare Bagua Push Hands) with Bagua’s 72 Leg Techniques (Bagua’s "Leg" form with Kicks, Sweeps, and Crushes, Advanced Stepping Methods, Standing and Ground Applications)

Wu Chi Book


Comprehensive Chi Kung

The book Chi Kung, of the Wu Style written by Gerald A. Sharp and Patricia Kessler is also one of our most successful book and video combos. Wu’s Chi Kung is organized in two series as follows: The Eight Methods and the Five Elements, both of which are inter-related, yet address various aspects of chi flow and connective tissue enhancement. With over 300 illustrations, it is published in a horizontal format with a wire binding, in order to make it easy to stand up; much like an easel for easy reference during practice. Check out this highly informative and practical Chi Kung book and video special.