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Baguazhang, the Mother Palms 8

Baguapakua earth palm  app

The Eight Trigrams Field of Hangzhou
Baguazhang's "Earth Palm"

Bagua’s Earth Palm is characterized by a rising, twisting palm that splits the lateral hemispheres of the opponent’s torso or limbs into two parts. When aggressed, leading the opponent to raise their elbow up in order to create an imbalance in their central equilibrium may help to neutralize their aggression or end any altercation before it gets started. If not, the defender has the possibility of an opening to shoot into the opponent's torso, legs, or ankles, or allow for a duck (if the arm raise is limited) for a go-behind. In this particular case the opponent's elbow is trapped because the opponent didn't relax or change the position of their elbow and this allowed for a joint lock to later be combined with a cross-forearm choke. The massive Eight Diagrams Field near Hangzhou consists of 8 pieces of land, each used to grow a cereal or a different vegetable. These lands then take the shape of an octagon with its center in a wooded area landscaped as Yin and Yang. The Eight Diagrams Field was originally a place where the emperors of the Song Dynasty came to perform rituals for crops. Indeed, they went there at least once a year for fertile land for agriculture and sericulture. This place of ritual then allowed others to start harvesting in 9 regions of the Empire. The internal art of Baguazhang synthesizes and utilizes eight gates to determine the origin of the opponent’s center of gravity during aggression and (or) as a way to make balance in one’s life by going along with daily and seasonal changes. The internal arts of Taiji and Xingyi are also profound in promoting balance, circulation, and flexibility.

Bagua Power Train

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Bagua Power Duo! Our Bagua Power Training Duo Video Series combines 2 Complete Video Series in One: Bagua’s Power Training (Standing Meditation, Bagua Gong, Internal and External Strength and Flexibility Training, and the rare Bagua Push Hands) with Bagua’s 72 Leg Techniques (Bagua’s "Leg" form with Kicks, Sweeps, and Crushes, Advanced Stepping Methods, Standing and Ground Applications)

Wu Chi Book


Comprehensive Chi Kung

The book Chi Kung, of the Wu Style written by Gerald A. Sharp and Patricia Kessler is also one of our most successful book and video combos. Wu’s Chi Kung is organized in two series as follows: The Eight Methods and the Five Elements, both of which are inter-related, yet address various aspects of chi flow and connective tissue enhancement. With over 300 illustrations, it is published in a horizontal format with a wire binding, in order to make it easy to stand up; much like an easel for easy reference during practice. Check out this highly informative and practical Chi Kung book and video special.