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Pushing Hands II: Exploring Variations

Left: Ma Yueh Liang Enjoying Push Hands
Right: Wu Style’s "Needle at the Bottom of the Sea"

While the forms of T’ai Chi are highly useful in Push Hands and Self-Defense, it is the variations that occur during the process of application that brings T’ai Chi to life. On the left, Ma Yueh Liang shares the joy in exploring the variations of "Needle at the Bottom of the Sea," while on the right the classic "needle" wristlock is applied. Interestingly enough, "Needle at the Sea’s Bottom" is seen by some practitioners as having only a few variations, yet all of the forms have, at the very least, ten applications-one for each of the cardinal and inter-cardinal points as well as heaven and earth. T’ai Chi’s Push Hands are a wonder, and while some may opt in the near term to use external applications to try and prove a point, the soft and resilient quality of the Push Hands is worth the road less traveled by.


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Comprehensive Chi Kung

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