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Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan Example Martial Application

Single Whip - Slow Set variation

The attacker commits to the grab. The movements of the defender can be both smaller and faster than in this animation, so long as they remain in synch with the attacker. The Wu style Tai Chi Chuan slow set version of the transition to the single whip posture is demonstrated below. Demonstration videos of the Wu style hand forms, including the Slow set, the Fast set, and the Simplified form are available at our on-line store.

Transition to Single Whip section of Wu Style Slow Set:

wu single whip


Application: Nei Jia (Internal) kung fu
Transition to Single Whip (Slow Set variation) against grab.

About Nei Jia kung fu
The approach of Taijiquan, Xingyiquan and Baguazhang is to engage the opponent's aggression, maintain contact and exploit the weaknesses in the opponent's situation.
More About Nei Jia (Internal) kungfu

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