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Teacher Ma Yueh Liang and Gerald Sharp Pushing Hands in Zhong Shan Park in Shanghai


Wu Style Push Hands

Wu Style Chi Kung

We have posted quite a few articles throughout the website on Chi Kung, T'ai Chi, Hsing-I, Pa-Kua, and Liangong, and are continuing the process of either including them here on the website or archiving in another way. We also continue to revamp, translate, and update classic texts on Nei Jia Kung Fu. In fact, we have released 5 books and several instructional videos. Beyond this, there is also a need to make the practice methods accessible, preserve, and share what we consider time-tested information, and this is a challenge due to changing technology which is not completely secure or user friendly to individuals and small businesses like ourselves. Some of this preservation still seems best done through books, as well as demonstration and instructional videos- and mostly dvd until something more secure comes about.

For many years, a VHS set of Gerald A. Sharp's instructional videos were widely available that presented the basics of Hsing I Ch'uan (Xingyiquan). These videos were professionally produced and distributed by Unique Publications. Now a Xingyi series that closely follows the classic text Xingyiquan, the Mother Fists, by Jiang Rong Qiao (and translated by Joseph Crandall) is offered exclusively through chiflow. There are also a number of other Xing Yi Quan, Baguazhang, and Taijiquan demonstration and instructional videos of the Jiang Rong Qiao lineage available at our online store. We will continue to join books and videos to support more in-depth learning in authentic
Wu Style Taijiquan, Jiang's Nei Ji Kung Fu, Qigong, and Liangong.

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