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Chi Kung, Training for Life, Health, and Energy (Essential Training from Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan) written by Gerald A. Sharp and Patricia Kessler Since producing the Chi Kung of the Wu Style Video Series in 2006, we have had several requests to provide more information on this rare practice of Chi Kung. Now for the first time in print in any language, this comprehensive practice is available in book form. The Chi Kung is organized in two series: The Eight Methods and the Five Elements both of which are inter-related, yet address various aspects of chi flow and connective tissue enhancement. With over 300 illustrations, it is published in a horizontal format with a wire binding, in order to make it easy to stand up; much like an easel for easy reference during practice. A Book and Video combination of this landmark book and video series is available at a savings.

While The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Medicine, is required reading for budding (and long term) physicians of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the Swimming Dragon Chi Kung is one of the most legendary daily practice routines of the Yellow Emperor himself. Our all-encompassing two-volume video series of the Swimming Dragon Chi Kung with step-by-step instruction for Moving, Standing, & Sitting Meditation, as well as Healing Sounds has been very well received. Previously we've only seen information on the Metal Phase practice in available in English, and now, for the first time, all Five Elemental Phases, as well as meditation and Healing Sounds are presented in thorough detail. Additionally, our Yi Quan two-volume series presents comprehensive Healing Sound Training, as well standing, sitting, reclining, and simple, easy to follow movements for internal development and meditation. The series also presents Push Hands and self-defense application of some of the postures. Yi Quan is a core practice in the internal Kung Fu discipline of Xingyiquan. However, in the last 50 years it has become popular amongst practitioners of other disciplines such as Taijiquan and Baguazhang.

One of my favorite versions of the Tao Te Ching is translated by Gia-Fu Feng and Jane English. We have the larger version featuring Gi Fu Feng's calligraphy and Jane English's contemplative photos, and it is available in our Chi Flow Store.

Jane English has a website of her own, Earth Heart, where she offers her unique, fine-art monochrome prints and Tao Calendar.

Barry Fishman is one of my favorite poets, and now we have established a link to his paintings. There's also a review at Artezine about Barry’s paintings and the I Ching. You can also check out some of his T'ai Chi inspired poems on our website here. In one word: Barry’s Art (regardless of form) has “chiflow.”

Here's a couple of quick links to some of Barry’s poems:

Supreme Ultimate Fist

The Ultimate Illusion: Being Right Side Up

Michael P. Garofalo has a variety of superior online directories and his catalogue of poems (including his own) and writings are worth perusing. Not only will you link to many timeless ideas, but likely will learn or rediscover some diamonds in the rough as well. I especially like his "Cuttings" collection which offers haiku and poetry for the seasons and the months of the year. Also of note are his Cloud Hands Directory and "Daoist Perspectives" page, which includes endless information on Tao (Dao) and several perspectives on the Tao Te Ching.

Suggested Viewing

Dr. Jeremy's at it again and this time he's made up an impromptu story with just 3 illustrations. Check out this near teenage improvisation and more to come from the Dr.

This is a link to Teacher Ma Yueh Liang doing the Fast Set in Germany in the late eighties. This is a great example of precision and momentum being joined together in solo forms practice. It also leads to questions for Wu Stylists featured on the cover of tai chi and related martial arts magazines as being lineage holders such as: Why does your form lack exactness , and look so radically different from Teacher Ma's; especially if you claim any connection with him whatsoever?

Additionally, I like this link to Sha Guozhen, Jiang Rong Qiao's top student, doing Xingyi Ba Shi Quan, an important animal and element linking set in the Xingyiquan practice of the Jiang Rong Qiao Nei Jia Kung Fu system. A translation of Jiang's classic Xingyi text, "Xingyi Za Shi Chui and Ba Shi Quan," by one of our most favorite translators (and practitioners), Joseph Crandall at this link. In it, Crandall translates Jiang's words on two of the main linking sets of the Hebei School of Xingyiquan. Our most recent translation of Sha Guozhen's book on Xingyi Two-Person practice and commentary on fighting, "Xingyi San Shou Pao," can be found at this link.


Directories can be useful in finding a teacher or connecting with other practitioners. However, not all directories are created equal. One of the biggest Wu style Taijiquan teacher directories was built on a printed directory with a "pay us to include you" scheme, and a "pay us more and we'll make it worth your money:" This sort of thing is not an uncommon way to inflate one's lineage or reputation, but it is usually a poor way of finding a teacher. Our agenda for including the people and groups in the Virtual Community below is that they have listed us or connected with us (although in some cases it is not a very close connection). These connections are important in the virtual community. Without these links actually pointing here (and associated website hits and search engine ranking) some might never find our website.

Tai Chi America Directory; Scheele Directory (a big one); Budoseek directory; Goode Tai Chi ; Cloud Hands Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung

Featured at the Chi Flow Store

The first English translation of the Wu Style Taijiquan Fast Set book

as well as our Wu Fast Set Book and Video Combo :

Without the 21st Century Fast Food Attitude

wu fast set book


Other Book and Video Specials

A No Pain, No Gain Proposition, Liangong Book and Video (all three series, featuring Dr. Zhuang Yuan Ming)
”Not Without Me Spinach” Power Push Hands Book and Video Series, featuring the best video sequence of Ma Yueh Liang pushing hands we've seen to date!)
”Beyond Shadows on the Wall” Bagua's Old Eight Palms Book and Video Series that features Joseph Crandall's translation of Jiang Rong Qiao’s Old Eight Palms classic text, Jiang's daughter, Zou Shuxian, performing some of the Old Eight Palms, and a barrage of form applications.
”Your Mother”Fists, Xingyiquan Book and Video Combination with Crandall's translation of Jiang’s Mother Fist text and a two-volume matching video series.