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Looking to Study T'ai Chi or Chi Kung?

Suggested Teachers Preliminary List

America (United States)
  • California:
  • New Jersey:
    • Bloomfield: Eugene Killian c/o Al Bender's Kung Fu Academy, 260-262 Liberty Street, Bloomfield, NJ 07003, email: Eugene Killian

  • Tennessee:
  • Virtual Community - World at Large

    Zhou Zhan Fang is a coach at the (Wu style Taichichuan) Chian Chuan Society (where Ma Yueh Liang and Wu Ying Hua instructed). Zhou Zhan Fang teaches Wu style Tai Chi Chuan in Shanghai.

    Cheng Jie Feng is a teacher in the Jiang Rong Qiao system - and other things. He has an almost encyclopedic knowledge of forms from many styles. Cheng Jie Feng is a kung fu adept with a natural gift. Teaches Taiji, Xingyi, and Bagua in Shanghai.

    Tom Bisio teaches in New York City ( Tom Bisio has a powerful and connected Xingyiquan. He offers classes, sessions, and seminars throughout the year in Bagua, Xingyi, and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

    Joseph Crandall is located in California and operates the Smiling Tiger Website. Joe Crandall has translated a large number of Chinese kung fu texts into English and most of them are available through his site.

    Ma Jiang Bao is located in the Netherlands and his Association is the European Wu Style Association. Schools within this group can be found linked on this website. He is the son of Ma Yueh Liang and Wu Ying Hua. He has recently published a hard cover book on the Wu Style long form.

    In 2006, Joanna Zorya and Julie Hinder founded the Martial Tai Chi Association in the UK. The aim of which is to promote the martial aspects of Tai Chi, and debunk "chi", and avoid practicing Tai Chi in a non-martial manner filled with "esoteric gibberish." Sadly, Miss Zorya passed in March of 2011. Her videos and articles are found online at: Especially admire their discussion on determination and studying at: Classes

    Zhuang Yun is located in Pittsburgh and he leads the North American Northern Wu Style Association. Zhang Yun also has authored a book on Chinese Swordsmanship.