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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to us. We have no intention of sharing your information with anyone.

We collect e-mail and credit card information at the on-line store associated with this web site. We may use this information to send you news about upgrades, related products and things we think might interest you based on our experience. Another way that this information might be used is to send you news about workshops and special events. (It is not our plan to send you so much of this that you become annoyed with us.) We have had a sign up page for an e-mail contact list in the past and we will have something similar again soon. This information will be used in a similar way.

You can opt out of our e-mail list at any time. We will respect your wishes not to be contacted.

We have limited control over our server provider, the store merchant software provider and the possibility of hackers somehow getting into secure files, but we have selected our service providers with security and reliability in mind.

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