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12 Animals of (Hebei style) Xingyiquan: ALLIGATOR

Xingyiquan ( Hsing I Ch'uan)

The Alligator is the fifth of the 12 Animals. The hands turn side-to-side in a horizontal manner, the body follows the hands and twists, and the feet follow; adjusting the roots. This is likened to an alligator which is able to open its lung cavity, and actually move its lungs in order to quietly move in towards a potential adversary. Therefore, the arms ought help open the chest, and the chest ought not contort or over twist, but instead merge with the movements of the arms. The feet then follow like the tail which twists into the earth to support the hands and torso's expansion and movements. The hand movements are an extension of the Water element of the Five Fists, most notably the wrapping hand used to set up the drilling fist.

The shape of the main form emulates the written character in the Chinese calligraphy for Alligator, and the lateral movements are patterened after the act of writing the character for Alligator, which is predominately written with horizontal strokes.

This Hebei style of Hsing-I Ch'uan (Xing Yi Quan) is organized using 12 Animals that group and teach the martial characteristics of particular actions. Sample Applications from the 12 Animals: Nei Jia (Internal) Kung Fu Martial Application Example

Hsing I (Xingyiquan) Alligator defense against an attack (Jiang Rong Qiao style) In this scenario, the Alligator method is used to defend against a frontal aggression by wrapping up the opponent, pinning, and applying a choke.

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About Nei Jia Kung Fu
The approach of Taijiquan, Xingyiquan and Baguazhang is to engage the opponent's aggression, maintain contact and exploit the weaknesses in the opponent's situation.
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